Top 10 CHANEL Fashion and Beauty Trends

CHANEL is famous for having a clear eye for beauty and fashion. 

This season you have chic fashions from the CHANEL Spring Haute Couture collection, accessories and more. 

CHANEL also received amazing reviews on top fragrances and cosmetics. 

 Top 10 CHANEL Fashion and Beauty Trends 

1. Silk Organza with Embroidered Silk Skirt

2. 2.55 Handbag

3. COCO Crush Earrings

4. Square Sunglasses

5. Suede Sandals

6. Camelias D'eau
7. Extrait de Camelia Bracelet
8. N०5 L'EAU Fragrance
9. Slim Bandeau
10. J12 Watch


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